The G-Shock is one of the most well-known timepieces of the modern era. The Casio brand has re-imagined the original model to stay true to its original ethos and push the brand into the 21st century. But just how did the G-Shock start off?

Casio's 'analogue revolution'

Casio was founded in 1946 and is an electronics manufacturing company. Today, its portfolio of products includes digital cameras, analogue watches, and musical instruments. The company has a turnover of EUR2.8 billion and employs nearly 12,000 people around the world.

Since its launch, Casio has evolved into a significant player in the watch market, and is now one of the world's ten largest watch groups. In the process, it has turned the watch from a simple tool to a functional instrument that can provide all manner of information. In 1980, the company's first analogue watches were released. Later, they were complemented by digital cameras and GPS.

Casio has also pioneered the use of solar power in its products. Its first solar-powered radio-controlled watch, the ana-digi WVA-300, was the first solar-powered radio-controlled watch. These technological developments have resulted in miniaturisation and energy efficiency.

After decades of manufacturing reliable watches, Casio began experimenting with new materials and techniques to produce more advanced and stylish timepieces. Their innovative products have gained them cult status. Today, they have a diverse range of watches in dozens of designs, colors, and sizes. Some are even limited edition. There are now even watches with digital displays. The brand is making some of the best looking watches in the world, so it is no wonder it has become so successful, eCasio Centre is a top casio store for casio g-shock watches for mens in pakistan.

Casio's DW-5000 series

The G-Shock watch series was first developed in 1981 by an engineer with the idea of building a watch that could withstand accidental drops and shock. After two years of development and 200 prototypes, the first G-Shock model was released in 1983. This model's unique design featured a ten-layer shock-resistant construction, a rubber bumper, a stainless steel casing, a hardened mineral glass and a patented floating cradle. The G-Shock has continued to evolve and gain new features and functionality.

The G-Shock's revolutionary design was inspired by Kikuo Ibe, a Tokyo-based engineer who accidentally dropped a pocket watch, shattering it into 100 pieces on the Tokyo pavement. The 'lightbulb moment' led Ibe to create the G-Shock watch series. He tasked three engineering boffins, dubbed 'Team Tough', with developing the world's most rugged men's watch. The team was given three requirements: the watch should last 10 years on a single battery, withstand ten atmospheres of water pressure, and survive a 10-meter drop.

The original DW-5000C G-Shock model was the first to be produced. Its case has survived for nearly three decades, and even though Kikuo Ibe now favors the "square" style for personal use, the classic case design will remain a part of the G-Shock lineup.

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Casio's AW-500 series

Casio's AW-series G-Shock became a modern day watch icon because of its unique design and functionality. The first three models of the series were released in April 1997. The first was the MRG-120-1A with contrasting red/orange minute hand, followed by the MRG-120T-1A in June 1997 and two more in August 1997. These models have a slew of features, including a timer, stopwatch, and multi-band radio control.

The G-Shock has undergone several evolutions since its launch, and is now the most widely-produced watch in the world. Its slim profile and distinctive case design have made it one of the most popular watches on the market. In addition to being waterproof and shock-resistant, the G-Shock has a quartz movement and a large, luminous display.

Before it became an icon, the G-Shock was a highly functional watch that was built to survive shocks. Its design was inspired by a rubber ball that doesn't suffer from the shock. In the 1980s, Ibe and his team created over 200 prototypes to test the G-Shock's shock-resistance abilities.

The AW-500 series G-Shock's iconic design was enhanced by the ability to resist 200 meters of water. Its streamlined design inspired diver's watches, and its dial is adorned with a triangular marker and a minute-display index.

Casio's GA2100

With the latest technologies and design features, the GA2100 is a watch for today's lifestyle. It features Bluetooth connectivity and a solar-powered charging system. The latter allows you to pair your smartphone with the watch and receive accurate timekeeping. The watch also features Tough Solar technology, which converts light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into energy. This system eliminates the need to replace batteries. However, to use the solar-powered function, you must first download a special casio watches app.

The slim module retains the compact design of the watch face, and it features an optimized component layout to deliver enhanced functionality. The watch also includes a Carbon Core Guard structure, which protects the module against shocks. The dual-layer dial construction highlights the dimensionality of the LCD and inset dial, and the dial's ring is finished with a metallic finish.

Casio's GA2100 timepiece family has grown significantly in popularity over the past few years. Featuring a wide range of colors and a metal case, the GA2100 is one of the company's best-selling watches. Its design is a combination of traditional and innovative design elements that makes it a modern-day icon.

The Casio GA2100 is a popular and affordable luxury watch. The round case, black carbon case and octagonal resin bezel set it apart from the competition. Many of these watches are customizable, and you can have an exclusive design made just for you.